Am I Ready for the Trinity Coaching Group?

The following questions will help you decide if you are ready for coaching. This is a self assessment for your use only (not submitted). Only you know the answers to these questions and only you know your truthful responses.

1. Do I want to make positive changes in my life?
2. Am I interested in global issues?
3. Do I have big plans and goals?
4. Am I ready to do the work to expand my own life?
5. Am I ready to act on opportunities presented to me?
6. Am I capable of much more than I currently accomplish?
7. Am I ready to discover my true calling and to shape a far greater future?
8. Do I desire to reach my highest potential?
9. Do I want to turn my natural talents into my profession?
10. Can I see the advantage of having a coach who will guide and mentor me to achieve my highest and noblest vision?
11. Am I ready to strengthen my resolve with a personal financial commitment and vow to get my money's worth?
12. Am I ready to make a commitment to myself and to the greater good of humanity?
If you answered yes to most of the above questions, then you may be ready for coaching. Please send a message to to Lorraine using the contact page or call (604) 564-1507 and arrange a 10-minute interview or a one-hour complimentary telephone coaching session.