Are you a Social Entrepreneur?

Do you have a desire to advance the wellbeing of humanity? Are you ready to realize your highest and noblest vision? Are you a Social Entrepreneur, concerned with the Triple Bottom Line?

If you are a Social Entrepreneur, I will inspire you to honour your core beliefs and values and your desire to benefit humanity. I will inspire you to lead a fully integrated life where your core values and beliefs are in complete alignment with your work.

The Leadership Experience.

You forge the path to achieve your vision. The way is not always clear.

How do you adapt to the challenges of the unknown? How do you know if you are going in the right direction? How do you respond to the people who don’t believe in your convictions and undermine your confidence?

Following your personal path requires physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strength. Being open to receive coaching support, guidance, and mentoringto reach your highest and noblest vision and even during your international quest, is essential to your success.

I will draw out your greatest talents and help you clarify your vision of success. I will challenge you to take action and hold you accountable for turning your vision into reality. I will inspire you to turn your plans into actions in your community in the world.

You will experience:

  • the realization of your purpose in life
  • the power of certainty
  • the courage of your convictions
  • freedom from limitations
  • confidence and perseverance
  • belief in yourself
  • sound decision-making
  • increased earnings
  • personal and professional balance
  • the achievement of your highest and noblest vision


Coaching is conducted mainly over the telephone. It is easy, convenient, and in the comfort of your own home.

Each weekly session lasts 60 minutes

Sessions evolve around
  • clarifying your goals
  • learning from your experience
  • meeting the challenges
  • accepting the opportunities
  • making sound decisions and acting on them
  • achieving your plans, endeavours, and goals

I believe in your ability to reach your highest and noblest vision. You are the only one that has the ability to realize your unique vision. With my coaching, you can do it. ~ Lorraine Sims


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