When I began coaching in 1997, there were fewer than a dozen coaches working in Vancouver. I left my position as Human Resources Manager in a national corporation and immediately responded to my higher calling to become a Coach. In response to the growing demand for coaches, and the desire by increasing numbers of people to become coaches, I created a coaches training curriculum. I designed and facilitated these programmes for B.C.I.T., the Vancouver School Board, and the Rhodes College.

As coaching became more popular, private companies recognized that providing coaching to their executives and supervisors would increase efficiency, enhance communication, and alleviate stress. I was hired to design and deliver group workshops for software companies, manufacturing companies, environmental organizations, and the Vancouver Police Department. With a partner, I also led a series of coaching workshops for groups of diverse business professionals who wanted to excel both personally and professionally.

After 5 years of organizational and group coaching, I began offering individual coaching services because I recognized that, working one-to-one, people were quicker to reach their personal goals. People feel much more confident and comfortable revealing their goals and aspirations in private sessions rather than in group environments. This was a turning point for me because I began attracting clients with grande visions who wanted to shape a far greater future for themselves and for the world.

I have worked with a scientist who is creating a magnetic energy machine, as an alternative to consuming fossil fuels; a businesswoman who has developed a business model which directly invests in the future success of children; a spiritual healer with the capacity for distance healing; and an intercultural communication consultant with the ability to bring healing and reconciliation to people who have suffered from the wounds of war.

In most cases, my clients first have difficulty believing in their own abilities, have an unclear vision of success, and do not know how to proceed to actualize their goals.

Our work together begins by building up the client's confidence and clarifying their unique vision - the end result. I have learned that, once this journey begins, the first of many opportunities are presented. This can be called synchronicity, and provides the direction on 'how to proceed' because, when you are clear on the desired end result, the pathway is revealed and doors open up in front of you. I provide my clients with the guidance to recognize and act upon these opportunities.

Now with almost 10 years of experience, coaching hundreds of people, I have developed my own skills and can quickly see an individual's unique gifts and their highest potential. My gift is my ability to guide and mentor people to realize their highest and noblest vision. Seeing these enormous possibilities within individuals, I can also see the tremendous possibilities for all of humanity. I see a direct link between people engaged in their passions and natural talents, and a world in total harmony.

When all of us are fully engaged in our higher purpose, when we are full of joy, laughter and fulfillment, the world will be transformed. This is a spiritual understanding of our interconnectedness. My purpose is to mentor people to realize their highest purpose.

This journey has led me to the conviction of world peace. I have had the great opportunity to be briefly mentored by a former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations. Through this extraordinary experience, I learned of his great optimism; that all of humanity will achieve its highest purpose of world peace. I have since been in the presence of a former Secretary-General, and the leader of a U.N. Peacekeeping mission, and both have shared this great optimism because of what they call the 'superpower of civil society'. If these U.N. officials, with their great overseeing perspective of the world, have such faith in humanity, then I, too, share their optimism and have full confidence that our combined efforts will culminate in a just and peaceful world.

My inspiration is drawn from the greatness I see within each individual. It is a magic power that surrounds us and connects us all. My highest and noblest vision is a world in full harmony. We will know we are all in tune when all people are happy and free to pursue their dreams. Then we will discover new worlds.

Are you ready to change the world? Ask me to tell you my NASA story.


(Training and facilitation)

(Chairperson, Women's Campaign School, providing skills and strategies for more women to become elected to government office)

(Coaching university students to excel in their careers)

(Mentoring grade 9 and 10 students to achieve success in school)

(Coaching adults with life-threatening illnesses)

C.E.S.A.P.I. World Peace NGO
(Organizing member)

(Board of Directors - educating the public about the U.N.'s mission of world